Sunday, December 24, 2006


Here it is, Christmas Eve. As I should have guessed, the holiday just got busier as it got closer to Christmas. Katie and I have been so busy that posting on a daily basis has become quite hard.

We wanted to do full reviews of our top five favourite Christmas specials but had to rework our post to accomidate our hectic schedules. We are posting our top five favourtie Christmas specials today!


Tim Burton and Disney teamed up to bring us the story of Jack Skellington, a citizen of Halloweentown who stumbles into Christmastown and discovers its wonder and excitment. The stop motion animation is truly amazing and Danny Elfman penned some really touching and funny songs. I am a big fan of Tim Burton's style and this movie captures it perfectly.

This is my personal favourite Christmas movie but we couldn't place it number one because of a disagreement between Katie and me. She says this is not really a Christmas movie. She says that Jack messes up Christmas and realizes Christmas is not for him. He doesn't discover the true meaning of Christmas. He instead discovers that Halloween is where he belongs and what he does best. There is no big Christmas message (other than leave it alone) and therefore it can't be considered a Christmas Movie. I don't think so Katie.



This will not be one of those classic specials that gets shown every year because as the years go by, new generations will not know who Pinky and the Brain are. But this will remain atop of my must-watch list every year and I will make sure that my kids will know these two mice bent on world domination.

I have already review this special (which you can read here) but I just want to mention one thing I didn't already. Tom Ruggers score in this episode is a treat to listen to. Each episode is individually scored to give it the feel of the old Looney Tunes shorts. Listen as Tom drops samples of various Christmas songs into his score.



Okay so maybe this is a weird one to go on the top 5 list. But I think what makes this "Christmas Special" unique is that it doesn't take itself seriously. It still gets across a message of love and togetherness but it does it in it's typical comedic style. Fry learns to put others before himself, Bender learns that people are easier to mug on X-Mas Eve, and the Professor learns you're never too old to sing naked X-Mas songs around the piano.



This one is my favourite Christmas television special. I really wanted it to be number one but we decided to let The Grinch win that slot because the animation is so much better. And after all, this is an animation blog.

Charlie Brown captures every essence of Christmas spirit through the depresseing life of Charlie Brown as he sets out to discover what Christmas is. He finds out that it is not about the gifts or the aluminum Christmas trees, in fact, this special speaks out against commercialism; Linus tells the story of Christ's birth from the Bible; And ultimately the gang help Charlie Brown realize that friends and family make the simplist of things, like his underappreciated Christmas tree, seem extra special.



Not only is this number one on our list because of story and characters... it has to be the best animation as well (2D animation anyways). Chuck Jones directed this cartoon, so it has a very Looney Toons feel to it. There are times that the Grinch's reactions or expressions remind me so much of Bugs. Chuck's timing is perfect and the characters (especially Grinch) have such personality, even in such a short Christmas special.

The message of this cartoon, although not quite as on the nose as Charlie Brown, is still really great. It speaks against materialism when the Grinch steals every last present and piece of food... the Whos still gather in the center of town and sing a thankful Christmas song. The Grinch learns his lesson (and of course everyone gets their presents back) and the Whos even accept him into their society.


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never_cross_the_line said...

1. Justice League Christmas special
2. Batman TAS series, both Christmas specials
3. Freakazoid Christmas special
4. JLA #60 where Plastic Man tells the story of how Santa Claus joins the JLA
5. Any Christmas special that is not the Nightmare Before Christmas.