Thursday, December 21, 2006


Even the promise of egg nog and good cheer can't keep the Brain from doing what he loves! Tonight's plan to take over the world involves giving every kid on the planet a stuffed toy of the Brain complete with hypnotising capabilities! But the problem is he must make billions buy tonight in order for his plan to work! So it's off to the North Pole to coerce the elves into doing his dirty work!

Pinky & The Brain is my favourite segment of Animaniacs and one of my favourite cartoon duos of all time. When they got their own show in 1995 I jumped for joy! Christmas of that very same year brought us A Pinky & The Brain Christmas, a special tale of friendship and global domination.

This episode has one of the best plots and is a throw-back to an earlier Animaniacs episode where the two become stars of a children's television program called "Big Ears & Noodle Noggin". Brain created a Noodle Noggin stuffed toy.

When the series began, the writers simply took the standard seven minute concept and stretched them out into half hour stories. This caused the show to loose some steam as the plots didn't really warrant a whole half hour. But what the Christmas Special did for the series was start really focusing on the character development of the two. After that, episodes began to go off in tangents, exploring the relationship between them, their pasts and introducing supporting cast members, like Snowball and Billie.

A Pinky & The Brain Christmas is my favourite episode of the series and one of my favourite Christmas specials. It makes me weep every time I watch it. The writers crafted such a touching tale and the voice work of Rob Paulson (Pinky) and Maurice LaMarche (Brain) is great! And when you mix in the wonderful animation you will see why this show has won the hearts of millions of twenty-somethings everywhere!

You can find this episode on VHS and in the Pinky & the Brain, Volume 1 DVD box set.

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paula said...

I was looking for the annoyed face elf shown on that episode. For some reason it made me laugh a lot, but i could not find it... Anyways, i came to your page, so i'll take this opportunity to express how much i loved this christmas special too, and thanking you for the images (the only ones i could find in google within the first pages) I live in Chile, so it would come almost like a surprise to you to know that this catoon was shown succesfully many years ago, having myself in the mid-twenties recalling it with a smile side to side.