Thursday, February 08, 2007


This week's theme song stars one of the most popular video game characters of all time:

Mega Man

In 1993, a three episode Mega Man series was made. It featured a young boy who accidentally releases Dr. Wiley from a Mega Man 5 video game into the real world. The boy releases Mega Man in order to stop Dr. Wiley and send him back into the game.

This short series was produced by Ruby-Spears Productions and ended up being a 'pilot' for the Mega Man animated series that aired a year later. It was released on DVD for the first time in 2003.

The american-made Mega Man animated series, produced by Ruby-Spears Entertainment, ran for two seasons from 1994-1995 and a one-episode third season. The animation above par with a lot of the tv animation of its day and featured a cast of great voice actors such as Ian James Corlett and Scott McNeil.

The series was quite different from the '93 pilot as well as the video game series. It takes place in the future where robots are reality. Dr. Light has created his ultimate boy robot whom he calls Rock, also known as Mega Man. Mega has two sidekicks: His sister, Roll, and his dog, Rush. Together, they must stop the evil Dr. Wiley who has stolen Mega Man's blueprints, created his own evil robot army and has a new plan to take over the world in every episode.

When this series was out, the most current Mega Man game was Mega Man 5 so the villains that you will see are largely from that series with appearances from some of the more popular villains from previous games. Dr. Wiley's main robot henchmen are Gutsman, Cut Man and Protoman, with common appearances from Cold Man, Snake Man and Bomb Man. The villains that show up usually correspond with Dr. Wiley's plan (ie. Dr. Wiley uses Cold Man to freeze everything).

The series boasted decent animation, terribly laughable jokes and pure Saturday morning fun. It was canecelled after two seasons dispite high ratings, but one episode was produced to tie up contractual obligations. This episode features some of the best animation in the series.

This theme song has the best animation in the whole series. It's too bad they put all the work into the theme song because you are expecting so much from the show upon seeing this theme but then you get a much lower quality when the actual episode comes on. The theme also has a pretty annoying song:

Super fighting robot!
Mega Man!


coolshades said...

Those are some complicated lyrics, there... :P

Adam said...

Omg i loved this show when i was a kid..