Monday, February 12, 2007


Cartoon Network has agreed to pay $2 million in compensation to the City of Boston over the Aqua Teen Hunger Force 'bomb scare'. It has now been announced that Cartoon Network President Jim Samples has resigned.

Samples was with CN for thirteen years and was one of the main forces behind the launch of the [adult swim] block of cartoons shown at prime time on Cartoon Network.

I have bolded some of the more important lines from his letter to the company below:

I am sure you are aware of recent events in which a component of an Adult Swim marketing campaign made Turner Broadcasting the unintended focus of controversy in Boston and around the world. I deeply regret the negative publicity and expense caused to our company as a result of this campaign. As general manager of Cartoon Network, I feel compelled to step down, effective immediately, in recognition of the gravity of the situation that occurred under my watch. It’s my hope that my decision allows us to put this chapter behind us and get back to our mission of delivering unrivaled original animated entertainment for consumers of all ages. As for me, there will be new professional challenges ahead that will make the most of the experiences I’ve had as part of this remarkable company. Through my 13 years at the company I have found myself continuously in awe of the talented artists and business people surrounding me, from those who realize their vision in creating a cartoon to those who so brilliantly deliver the animation to viewers. I will always cherish the experience of having worked with you. I appreciate the support that you have shown me. As a friend and a fan, I also look forward to seeing your best and most personally fulfilling work yet. Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Boomerang and each of you deserve nothing less.

Apparently there were 38 of these blinking signs in Boston alone! Several other major US cities had these signs distributed but none of their citizens thought they were bombs.

Also, the signs were up for two weeks before the firs 911 call came in. This scenario really was just a fluke and it's too bad that it happened. I'm glad Samples is taking responsibility for this mess.

While I'm sad that he will be gone, I'm glad that the studio will get some fresh blood. Cartoon Network has been slipping lately and maybe a new guy is what they need. Hopefully his first move will be taking Saved By The Bell off their roster!


coolshades said...

Hmmm....I think perhaps it was a bit drastic for him to resign. It's not his fault people were stupid enough to think those things were bombs.

But if the network hasn't been up to par lately, then perhaps it will turn out to be a good thing...

Katie said...

I agree, Coolshades. I hate it when people take responsibility for other people's stupidity. But, at the same time... AS needs a makeover.