Tuesday, February 20, 2007


"Five minutes before the Big Performance. The Maestro is getting ready for the execution behind the curtains. Time is slowly ticking away..."

If you have seen this animated short yet, please take a few minutes to screen it.

Maestro is a five-minute, computer animated short by Hungarian director Geza M. Toth. The filmmaker, who has a very hefty resume, has created about 150 animated commercials and short films but this is the first Oscar nomination that he has received.

If you didn't the first time, pay close attention to the camera and sound design. Upon watching it for the first time, I was wondering why it was nominated. The animation is nothing spectacular and there was no story (until the end). But once you know the premise then everything falls into place.

A great film indeed but I don't think it should win.


Katie said...

Hmmm... didn't hold my attention. I just sat there thinking "this better have a really clever ending." And then it ended and I was like, "meh..."

I got that the camera movement and sound was very clock like. And yes, it made even more sense once I saw the ending. But it's nothing to build a film around.

I don't think it's worthy of a nomination even.

coolshades said...

I "figured it out" about five seconds before it was revealed. But I did notice the interesting camera angles and the occasional ticking sounds as I was watching it. I like it when shows/movies end with a twist...so I liked this one...