Thursday, May 10, 2007


This month is "Narrative Theme Song" month. These theme songs feature a voice, usually the main character, explaining the plot overtop some cool music. This week's theme song is the first every computer animated television series.

The season one cast:
Bob, Frisket, Enzo and Dot

ReBoot is a historical cartoon. In an age where almost everything you see on tv is computer animated it is hard to believe the first completely CG series was only thirteen years ago. That's right, in 1994 the Canadian computer animation company known as Mainframe Entertainment debuted its first television series.

Bob is the guardian of his city, Mainframe, which happens to be the inside of a computer. Along with his friends, Bob must defend Mainframe from the evil viruses, Megabyte and Hexidecimal. To make matters worse, Bob must also enter "games" that the "User" plays. If the User wins it destroys a good portion of the city.

The show was a fun adventure show that gained a good following. While it is fun for the kids, the real fan base was in the college crowd. Everyone and everything is named after a computer term and all the games parody actual games so the references that go right over the kids heads smack the college age right in the forehead.

Enzo and AndreAIa all grown up
from season three.
Every episode in the first two seasons is self-contained. However toward the end of the second season the series took a much darker turn and ended on a cliffhanger. The show then got shelved so that Mainframe could concentrate on their new show, Beast Wars: Transformers.

Fans of the show pushed for a third season and after a year hiatus, ReBoot returned with a great storyline and impressive graphics due to the advance in the studio's graphics department.

Fans were thrilled. There third season was more than any of them could have hoped for. The third season concluded with a fantastic series finale but many questions still remained causing everyone to wonder if a fourth season would ever be made.

Three years later, a fourth season, in the form of two tv movies, were released and the fans were once again happy.

This theme song is narrated by ReBoot's main character, Bob.

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coolshades said...

Hmmm...all this time I thought Toy Story was the first production to be entirely computer-animated, and that was in 1995. Or was it just the first *movie* to be entirely computer animated?

It is indeed interesting to see how far computer animation has come in such a short time. It seems like *every* animated feature, whether it be a movie or a TV show, is computer animated now. Sad for those of us who are into the 2-D stuff. :(