Wednesday, May 30, 2007


They're back!

I just got back from the Police concert here in Vancouver. What a great show. These guys are some great musicians and they just kept on punding out hit after hit for almost two hours! The stage was simple and classy, with no huge video screens or pyrotechnics to impress us like some other bands feel the need to do (Nickleback).

The sold-out stadium was chearing the entire time with particularly loud screaming for some of the more popular hits like Roxanne, So Lonely and Every Breath You Take.

Stewart Copeland is an amazing drummer and I spent most of my time watching his moves hoping that one day I would be half the drummer that he is. For a few of the numbers he left the kit for an amazing assortment of various percussion instruments. He set a simple rhythm to his iMac and filled in the beat with cymbals, bells, tympani, and other drums and noisemakers.

Dispite being twenty years older, Sting was still able to sing his songs. While his voice can no longer get those incredibly high parts anymore he still retained all the energy and did a great job through out the show.

Andy Summers still had it too. He pulled of some amazing guitar work and really played to the crowd. A couple of times he got lost and you could tell by the look on his face that he was just noodling on his guitar until he could figure out where he was. But he rolled with it and if you weren't paying close attention you wouldn't have noticed. That's a good musician.

I did notice that Andy was wearing a South Park guitar strap and while I'm sure you are wondering why I'm posting this post on an animation blog you will have to humour me with this loose tie-in. I really just wanted to talk about the show.

This picture was taken by my friend Courtney who was at the Monday night show.

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coolshades said...

LOL...for some reason I find it very funny that someone his age would have a South Park guitar strap. I figured the South Park fan base was a bit younger than that.

Who is this Courtney fellow you speak of? :P