Thursday, September 14, 2006


This week's 'Theme Song By Rock Stars' is Spider-Man (the 1994 Series) written and performed by big-time Spider-Man fan Joe Perry of Aerosmith fame.

Way back when James Cameron was suppose to make a Spider-Man feature film in 1994, FOX and Marvel Films developed an animated series to go alongside the feature. The main villains of the movie were suppose to be Electro and Sandman so the creators of the show decided to not put these two villains in the show. But when they realized that this movie would never be made they put Electro in season five. Sandman never made it at all.

Fans regard this show as the most true to the feel and look of the comicbooks. Origins were fairly close to the originals for the most part and villains' costumes and attitudes were a good update. This show was also the most popular of all the Spider-Man cartoons over the years (although some will say the '67 series is the best) lasting 5 seasons and 65 episodes!

The show was cancelled when FOX decided they only wanted shows that were animated in-house. Two last episodes were cobbled together to bring some closure to the series but most fans were not happy with the way it turned out and hoped for many years that it would return and resolve unresolved plot lines.


Katie said...

Well, that's a pretty boring theme song. It picks up a bit in the middle with the guitar solo... but other than that there's not much to it. I don't like the vocals either. The whole thing is kinda thin. But maybe that's just a quality issue.

I feel really bad for being so negative! But yeah, those are my thoughts, take 'em or leave 'em. Do you like it Kurtis?

toast said...

This particular verison of the theme song was all I could find. I think it's from season 3. Other seasons have better mixes. In this one I find that the SFX drown out a lot of the song. Other seasons also have a different arrangement of the song that makes it less boring.

But in general, I agree. This song could have been better. I love the 67 version the best.

coolshades said...

I concur with Katie regarding the vocals...reminded me of the voice at the beginning of the Electrical Parade at

I had no idea they were planning on making a Spiderman movie as early as 1994. Probably better that they waited, anyway, since the special effects are better these days...

Stagenoise said...

Yeah... you can never really get an accurate feel for audio fidelity when listening to a web mpeg. But I'm sure when it aired it probably didn't sound too great either. But it reminds me of the 90's!

Pablo said...

Heh, Im gonna post the only positive comment?

I feel that the only thing that detracts from the intro are the sound effects pasted on it. Sounds weird.

However, the vocals, albeit uninspired, are very well executed on their "robotic" speech, a not so used resource at the time which gives the song a more modern feel. The rhythm is quite good, inducing headbangs if you crank up the volume.

A good theme.

(just not as good as MIB ^^)