Friday, September 01, 2006


The new Fantastic Four Animated Series debuts tomorrow on Cartoon Network and Marvel has released a bunch of new promo posters and character model sheets from the show for all to see. Click here!

I really like the designs of this show. The characters are interesting to look at and I love the new style. I can't wait to see these guys in action!

Click for larger image

I love Bruce Timm and his character designs and influence for DC Comics shows like Batman: the Animated Series, Justice League and Teen Titans but I am also glad to see that other superhero shows are not capitalizing on that popularity.

The Batman opted for a different style that has seemed to work well for the Dark Knight and even Teen Titans has moved beyond the Bruce Timm style to make one of their own.

X-Men: Evolution had a nice clean refreshing style and I see this Fantastic Four cartoon following along that line.

Jean Grey from X-Men: Evolution

Susan Storm from Fantastic Four

Check out my previous posts here and here for more information about this new Fantastic Four Animated Series.


Chip Chief said...

nice, i am actually quite looking forward to this series. lets hope it lives up to the expectations.

toast said...

Are you gonna watch it tomorrow? I don't get that station so I can't.

You'd better give us a full report on your blog!

coolshades said...

I watched it tonight...although I don't think it was the debut episode. My TV listings said the episode title was supposed to be "Doomsday"...but it was "Trial By Fire"...

Chip Chief said...

trial by fire was ok, but the show has potential. hopefully they amp up the action in the next episode.

Katie said...

I'm bummed I can't watch this as well. I'll have to see if my brothers are into it and maybe they Tivo'd it. It looks like the character designs are a bit better than X-Men Evolution... I never really liked how the girls' heads were way out of proportion for their bodies. But not in a good way. But I do like other characters in that show like Nightcrawler and Wolverine. I guess that's kind of a tangent. All I'm really trying to say is I like the character design.