Thursday, September 28, 2006


It's the last week for "Theme Songs by Rock Stars" month! In recent weeks we have heard theme songs from members of U2, Aerosmith, Cake and this week I have special one for you.

Galaxy High was a short lived Saturday morning cartoon about two teens from Earth who are selected to be Earth's representatives at a universal high school on the asteroid Flutor. Aliens from all over the galaxy are brought together to deal with issues like bullying, racism, popularity, gossip, drug abuse and other teen issues.

The series ran for only thirteen episodes (one season) from 1986 to 1987 on CBS and was created by Harry Potter director Chris Columbus. John Kricfalusi, famed creator of Ren & Stimpy, was a character designer for the show. Galaxy High had some great talent and put out some quality work. Too bad the network didn't keep it going longer.

The theme song and musical numbers in the episodes were written and performed by Don Felder. You may know him as a member of the Eagles whose number one hit Hotel California is making him piles of cash. What do you think of this theme? Worthy of the same fame? Not quite.

Tune in next week for a brand new theme: Dynamic Duos!


coolshades said...

It would have been better if they hadn't used that computer-sounding voice to sing the lyrics...

This was a really cool should revive it again some time in the future :P

toast said...

Maybe in a few months. There are pleanty more themes by rock stars out there!