Thursday, August 10, 2006


Due to popular demand, Theme Song Friday is being moved to Thursday to capitalize on the alliteration factor.

August's theme of the month is 'Famous People Who Shouldn't Have Had Their Own Cartoon' and this week brings three famous sports celebrities together for one action packed show and one action packed breakfast cereal:


ProStars was produced by DiC Entertainment for NBC's 1991 Saturday morning lineup. Three sports superstars banded together to answer the cry of children in trouble all over the world. The tagline, which can be heard in the theme song, was 'ProStars: It's all about helping kids'.

One celebrity was chosen from each of the four major sports. Michael Jordan represented basketball, Wayne Gretzky for hockey and Bo Jackson represented both football and baseball, no doubt a tie-in to Nike's 'Bo Knows' ad campaign which was mega popular at the time.

Each of the characters were given special powers and weapons the corresponded to their feature sport. For instance, Gretzky would have super powered shoes that would allow him to 'glide' across any surface.

Each episode had a live action segment before and after the feature where the real actors came to talk to the kids. However, they did not do the voices for their cartoon counterparts. Jordan was Dorian Harewood, Jackson was Dave Fennoy and Gretzky was Townsend Coleman.

ProStars only ran for one season but I couldn't find an episode guide to tell me how many episodes were made. I will assume thirteen.

Oh well, enjoy the theme song!


coolshades said...

Hey this one's pretty cool...not *quite* as corny as the other two so far. haha

I remember when Bo Jackson was uber-popular...and there were all these ads asking kids to join "Club Bo". I had no clue who he was at the time,

toast said...

Yeah, this show was way better then the others. But i still don't think that those three should have had their own show. In fact, I think that all animated shows based on current celebrities are a bad idea.

Katie said...

Not true... I really like the Jackie Chan adventures.

And that's my 2 cents.

toast said...

Ooo....I forgot about that one. Maybe I'll post that theme song next week!

I also hear that Go Go Puffy Ami Yumi is quite good.

coolshades said...

Jackie Chan is the exception that proves the rule, then :P

Voice Overs said...

Dave Fennoy has been in the news lately, specifically on an episode of Entertainment Tonight.

Here's a link where you can watch the video interviews with Dave Fennoy, Don LaFontaine and Joe Cipriano.


Stephanie Ciccarelli

Pablo said...

This sounds like a queen rip off...

A good one nonetheless... 'cept the lyrics.

And they come out of lockers? WTF?