Monday, December 10, 2007


One of the segments in Animaniacs features a giant chicken who wants to be human. This giant chicken, named Chicken Boo, disguises himself in every episode to try to fit in with the normal world. But ultimately his cover is blown and he is run out of town.

In this Christmas episode of Chicken Boo, Boo pretends to be a mall Santa and fools everyone except for one kid. There is a tribute to A Christmas Story when the kid yells, "He'll poke my eye out!" Fans of Animaniacs will recognize this kid as Colin, who always had a story to tell about his friend Randy Beeman. This is his only appearance in a major role outside of his segment.

The other shorts in this episode are 'Twas the Day Before Christmas, The Great Wakorotti: the Holiday Concert and Toy Shop Terrors (Which doesn't have anything to do with Christmas except for the fact that they are playing in a toy shop). It can be found on disc five of Animaniacs, Volume Two.

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coolshades said...

I have to say that the picture of the chicken in the santa costume is pretty darned cute.

I used to watch Animaniacs all the time when I was little...good times...