Monday, July 30, 2007


Wow! It's been a while since I've posted and a lot has happened since then! In particular, a boat load of trailers are out for some upcoming animated projects. Let's take a look:

  • Horton Hears a Who

    Blue Sky's first non-Ice Age movie sure looks good! Dr. Seuss Characters really translate well to computer animation! This one hits the theatres March 14, 2008!

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks

    This looks strangly better than I thought. But I'm still against it. It hits theatres this Christmas.

  • Beowulf

    Beowulf is the new motion-capture film from Robert Zemeckis. Looks fun and epic but will probably be bogged down with people who this the characters aren't life-like. Get over it! Enjoy the motion-capture for what it is! After all, it is a new technology. It isn't going to be perfect! Beowulf hits theatres November 16

  • Tales From Earthsea

    Tales From Earthsea is the newest film from Studio Ghibli. This film was released last year in Japan and is being released in the UK next week. The North American date has yet to be announced but it has to be soon.

  • Spectacluar Spider-Man Animated Series

    This clip was taken at the San Diego Comicon and give a nice preview of what the upcoming series will look like! It looks like fun!

  • Transformers: Animated

    This incarnation of the Transformers looks like it may be the most faithful to the original series we've seen yet. Listen for the fans going crazy when Grimlok appears on screen!

  • Monday, July 16, 2007


    The top left image still hasn't been guessed in two weeks! It's now worth three points! I'm giving you another week to figure it out along with these new additions.

    Congratulations to coolb who correctly identified these first two characters as being Nina Harper from Braceface and Dum Dum from The Peril of Penelope Pitstop. And congratulations to newcomer Peter who correctly identified the third character as Captain Majors from The Godzilla Power Hour!

    Da Points:

    athena: 1
    ben: 2
    coolb: 8
    coolshades: 1
    eagle-man: 5
    katie: 1
    peter: 2
    starlac: 7

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007


    I've been watching my Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Volume Two DVD and got through half of the first disc when something came on the screen that I thought I would never see! Bill Cosby with a beard! But not just any beard, a super ugly beard!

    I thought that maybe he was sporting a beard to teach the lesson of that episode, but then I went on to the next episode, and the next, and the next. It appeared that the beard would stay! I don't know if this lasts the whole rest of the series, but I sure hope not.

    Though all his various TV shows, The Cosby Show, I-Spy, Kids Say The Darndest Things, Cosby, never have I ever seen Bill Cosby with a beard. I think it scares me.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2007


    Here is a short list of phrases that people have used to google my blog.

    I want to thank the makers of the Transformers movie because most of my hits of late have been people doing searches for my various stories!

    There have been many searches that have brought me a chuckle and i want to share them with you. All spelling and grammar has been unedited.

  • I have no idea what these people were searching for:
  • nbc and lymphoma and hamburger and 1996
  • marine biologist
  • anim,ated cartoon alien lives with professor in woods changes into dog
  • contextual references artist clocks used as a theme
  • haapy fris daay
  • movie a 'quirky american talk show host' underwater animated film

  • I know what they are searching for but don't they know how to use google:
  • i want to see spider man posters
  • cartoon network's upcoming transformers animated will be set in which city?
  • on the little mermaid what is sebastien ?

  • If you are one of these people then please explain yourselves!

  • Monday, July 09, 2007


    Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 5
    News has hit theGAC Forum that a trailer for the upcoming Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume Five will be included on the Popeye the Sailor DVD set on July 31!

    Past releases of the Golden Collections have been announced in July so we should get an official release date soon! This is the final major vintage cartoon DVD release expected for this year and it should arrive in November. What other vintage cartoon DVD's are there this year? Check out this previous post!

    UPDATE: Just announced! Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume Five will arrive October 30th!!

    According to the forum, based on the clips seen in the trailer, this is a small sample of some of the cartoons we should see in volume five:
    "Milk and Money" (LT, Avery, 1936)
    "Little Red Walking Hood" (MM, Avery, 1937)
    "The Daffy Doc" (LT, Clampett, 1938)
    "Patient Porky" (LT, Clampett, 1940)
    "Prehistoric Porky" (LT, Clampett, 1940)
    "Porky's Preview" (LT, Avery, 1941)
    "The Wacky Wabbit" (MM, Clampett, 1942)
    "Scrap Happy Daffy" (LT, Tashlin, 1943)
    "The Old Grey Hare" (MM, Clampett, 1944)
    "Hollywood Daffy" (MM, Freleng, 1946)
    "Bacall to Arms" (MM, Clampett, 1946)
    "A Pest In the House" (MM, Jones, 1947)
    "Buccaneer Bunny" (LT, Freleng, 1948)
    "Paying the Piper" (LT, McKimson, 1949)
    "Little Red Rodent Hood" (MM, Freleng, 1952)
    "The Turn-Tale Wolf" (MM, McKimson, 1952)
    "The Super Snooper" (LT, McKimson, 1952)
    "Red Riding Hoodwinked" (LT, Freleng, 1955)
    "Bugs Bonnets" (MM, Jones, 1956)
    "A Star is Bored" (LT, Freleng, 1956)
    "Goldimouse and the Three Cats" (LT, Freleng, 1960)
    "The Abominable Snow Rabbit" (LT, Jones, 1961)
    "Senorella and the Glass Huarache" (LT, Hawley Pratt, 1964)

    Popeye the Sailor: 1933-1938
    And while we're on the topic, Cartoon Brew has posted some stills of the upcoming Popeye DVD and they look AMAZING! The restoration is remarkable! Check out the stills here and here.

    Jerry also tells us that this set is going to be loaded down with special features including individual featurettes on all the characters, spotlights on music, influence on pop culture,
    Thimble Theater featurette, audio commentaries, pop-up commentaries, and a bunch of Ko-Ko the Clown cartoons!

    Wow! This may be the best DVD set ever!

    The above picture is a still from the Popeye set and the below picture is a still that I pulled off of one of the public domain DVDs that I have. This should give you an example of the restoration that was put into this set.

    Woody Woodpecker and Friends
    Also, those of you who are interested in the Woody Woodpecker and Friends DVD set that is coming out on July 24 may be interested to know that has updated their site to give you an in depth detail of the upcoming set.

    The site give a complete disc track list as well as bonus feature list and some cool downloads! Check it out!

    Friday, July 06, 2007


    This week's challenge features two carry-overs from last week and two new challenges. I'm giving you a week to figure these characters out.

    Congratulations to starlac who correctly identified these two characters as being Cranston Goat from Cats Don’t Dance and Sophie from The Chipmunk Adventure.

    Da Points:

    athena: 1
    ben: 2
    coolb: 6
    coolshades: 1
    eagle-man: 5
    katie: 1
    starlac: 7

    Thursday, July 05, 2007


    In a previous post I mentioned an Alvin and the Chipmunks live action movie. Well, feast your eyes on this:

    Not only is this movie actually being made, but it is due out December 14!! With this rush to get the film out along with the ugly designs of these classic characters, my hopes are not high at all.

    The main thing that bugged me at first was the hiphop style they seem to be sporting. Fans of the original series, the Alvin Show, and the 80s comeback, Alvin and the Chipmunks, will remember the Chipmunks in a band. Will these Chipmunks be in a band? Probably not. The Chipmunks of the past have always sung popular music. In the 60s the popular style was Beatles-style rock and in the 80s it was what is now known as classic rock. But what is the most popular style of music today? Hiphop. So now that I think about it I realize that it is appropriate for Alvin, Simon and Theodore to be all thug and bling. But that doesn't mean i have to be happy about it.

    I want your opinion. There have been some pretty awful cartoon-to-live-action movies over the years. What is your favourite live-action remake? What is the worst? leave me a comment with your opinion.

    Here are some of the ones that I remember to help you out:

    Monday, July 02, 2007


    Well, it's happened! A handful of 7-Elevens have turned into Kwik-E-Marts in order to promote the new Simpsons Movie that hits theatres July 27.

    Inside you will find many Simpsons themed snacks that manufacturers have made especially for the promotion. But the real treat is that some manufactures have made item that are taken directly from the show! It's true! Now you can buy a box of Krusty-Os, a can of Buzz Soda and your very own Squishee!

    I think that this gimmick is a great idea, not only because it is fun but also because it shows that 7-Eleven has a sense of humour. Everyone knows that the Kwik-E-Mart convenience stores are based on the 7-Eleven franchise, but to have 7-Eleven actually take that stereotype and run with it show us that they are able to laugh at themselves. Good job 7-Eleven!