Thursday, September 21, 2006


Mission Hill is the story of another animated series that wasn't given the proper treatment. The WB put this show on hiatus after only two episodes due to 'poor ratings'! They later put the show back on the air but then cancelled it after six more episodes. Mission Hill has gone on to reach a cult status with the DVD sales and the repeat showing of all thirteen episodes on Canada's Teletoon.

Set in the city of Mission Hill, the show stars Andy French, a twenty-four year old who moves to the big city to become a cartoonist but is instead stuck in a dead end job as a clerk at a mattress store. Andy likes to party and live life without responsibility. He lives in an apartment with two other roommates.

Andy's life changes when his little brother, Kevin, moves in to complete his senior year at the local high school. Kevin is a straight A student who doesn't know or approve of Andy's slacker lifestyle. In each episode, Kevin learns something about loosening up and Andy learns a little something about responsibility. Oh yeah, and the show is hilarious too.

The theme song is provided by Cake who rerecorded a faster, instrumental version of Italian Leather Sofa.


Katie said...

I love this show, and the theme song. It's one of those theme songs that you sing along to even though it doesn't have any lyrics, y'know?

This show is another example of how Adult Swim brings dead shows to life. That's where I first saw this show, and that's where the good DVD sales come from I'm sure. All us losers up till all hours of the morning on Sunday nights watchin' us our Adult Swim.

coolshades said...

I don't understand why they put shows on hiatus due to ratings after only *two* episodes. I mean gotta give a show time to build up an audience. Two episodes isn't nearly enough...

TensersFloatingDisksucks said...

"Mission Hill" was one of my favorite animated tv-shows. Too bad that it was cancelled,like many other good shows.(As Twin Peaks.)

sittingduck said...

I wish they had new episodes it is a great show and the the theme song is awesome

Ithank you adult swim for picking up a show that was out and showing it to the public you guys are awesome