Thursday, January 25, 2007


This week we move into the seventies to bring you one of the most unusual Hanna-Barbera shows.

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Wait Till You Father Gets Home (WTYFGH) was brought to life by Hanna-Barbera to compete in the ever-growing popularity of the 'seventies sitcom'. This show which starred Tom Bosley (two years before his role as Howard Cunningham in Happy Days) as a married father of three and the situations that they encounter due to their generation gap. The series ran from 1972 to 1974 for first-run syndication. The two seasons and 49 episodes featured guest stars like Don Knotts, Don Adams and Phyllis Diller.

This thing that stands out when watching it is the completely different style of animation than Hanna-Barbera usually produces. Even though Iwao Takamoto was the production designer, the look of the series was a drastic departure from the HB norm. This was partly because a bulk of the production was farmed out to Canawest Studios (best known for their Beatles cartoon).

I am extremely happy to hear that HB/Warner Bros has decided to release this show on DVD. The first season, 24 episodes, will be released on June 5th. This rare gem will be a delight to add to my collection.


coolshades said...

I like this one...cute little ditty...

CoolB said...

Wasn't Archie Bunker on All in the Family?

toast said...

Your right coolb, my mistake. I've corrected my post.