Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The 2006 Golden Globe Awards Ceremony was on Monday and Pixar/Disney's Cars took home the Globe for Best Animated Feature beating out Happy Feet and Monster House. No surprise, really. Cars had the highest box office gross out of all the animated movies this year and I think everyone's bias toward Pixar helped a great deal.

However, the real story is that John Lasseter thanked all the staff at Pixar but 'forgot' to thank Disney. Many were upset about this especially since Lasseter is the Chief Creative Officer of both Pixar's and Disney's feature animation departments now. But John Frost made a good point on The Disney Blog:

I would say this is less of a faux pas and more of an insight into the very strict line Lasseter is drawing between Pixar and Walt Disney Animation. Marketing and Consumer Products divisions are seldom mentioned in award speechs. At the time 'Cars' was made that's all Disney was to Pixar. The merge came later. Sure, it would have been politic for Lasseter to mention Iger and WDFA. But award winners are only allotted a small amount of time for their speech. So Disney shouldn't feel bad about not being mentioned.

I agree with Frost. Pixar should thank the creative brains behind the picture which is Pixar. Hopefully, that will continue with their upcoming pictures.

Speaking of upcoming pictures, if you haven't seen the trailer for Pixar's Ratatouille then you should check it out now. The film hits the theatres this summer and promises to provide the same quality and fun as their other seven films, especially since it is directed by Incredibles director Brad Bird.

But wait, there's more! Pixar has released their very first picture of the title character of WALL• E, Pixar's follow-up to Ratatouille. It was just a matter of time before Pixar did a robot movie. I'm not surprised. They've done insects, monsters, underwater, superheroes and even a little outer space. Robots have been tackled many times, like Brad Bird's The Iron Giant for example, but I'm sure that Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton will deliver another Oscar-worthy film.


Chip Chief said...

I wasn't upset that Cars won, after all, it was a good film, but I was rooting for the underdog Monster House. Pixar's already been recognized, but Monster House could use the validation for daring to create a different type of animated film more in the vein of Goonies than just another fuzzy animal flick.

toast said...

I kinda wished Monster House won too. But I'm not upset.

coolshades said...

I'll dissent, too...but I would have wanted Happy Feet to win :P I haven't seen Cars, though, so I suppose I should wait to see it before I pass judgment. lol

I'm surprised Cars grossed more than Happy's approaching the $200 million mark, and I didn't think Cars had made that much.