Thursday, October 26, 2006


This is the last week for our "Dynamic Duos" theme. Past weeks included Sam & Max, Shaggy & Scooby-Doo and Rocky & Bullwinkle.

This week's duo is taken from the 2001 movie Osmosis Jones. Ozzy & Drix follows the adventures of Osmosis Jones (Phil LaMarr replacing Chris Rock) and Drixobensometaphedrian (Jeff Bennett replacing David Hyde Pierce) as they continue to defend the City of Hector from evil viruses and infections.

The show lasted two seasons, from 2001-2004, and featured a different style of animation than the movie. It was produced with a way cheaper budget than its movie counterpart, as most spin-offs are, and it is reflected in the outcome.

Still from Osmosis Jones

Still from Ozzy & Drix

One major criticism is that the producers of the show reused animation from the movie to cut corners. This was obvious because the style was completely different. It was mainly used during action sequences but on whole scene in the episode 'Aunti Histamine' was a complete copy. How sad.

This week's theme song is a tie-in to next month's theme: Movie Spin-Offs! See you then!


coolshades said...

It bugs me when cartoon spin-offs don't use the same voiceover actors. I understand that the big-name stars don't usually have the time to do cartoons...but it still sucks...

Katie said...

It's also a cost thing. Actors are expensive and television shows are often produced on a shoe-string budget.

Pablo said...

Katie is right. Take Men In Black or Spawn for instance. Spawn, even having access to Todd MacFarlanes enourmous budget, was a bit cheap compared to the comics and movies...

Suggestion: Comic book to Cartoon themes! ^^

About the theme, I think is the only hip-hop theme I actually like. It has a nice eblend of styles, and the metrics are weird enough to keep you interested.

Btw, the movie rocks.