Thursday, August 31, 2006


This is the last week of 'Famous People Who Shouldn't Have Had Their Own TV Show' month. We conclude this month with a show that many would argue shouldn't be in this category.

Jackie Chan Adventures

I'll admit that the show was good and the animation style was bold and fun. But I ask, why did it have to be based on Jackie Chan? This show would have been great if it wasn't based on him.

Jackie Chan Adventures debuted on the WB! in 2000 and ran for five whole seasons! It featured Jackie as an Archeologist who lived in San Francisco with his Uncle Chan and niece, Jade. Together they stopped the Black Hand with their magical and ancient artifacts that they have found during their digging.

Jackie Chan appeared before each episode in live action but did not provide the voice for his cartoon counterpart.

Beginning next week is 'Theme Songs by Rock Stars'. And as an introduction I want to share with you the end credits to Jackie Chan Adventures. Warner Brothers originally asked rock group Wheatus (remember Teenage Dirtbag?) to perform one of their songs for the theme for Jackie's show. Wheatus chose one of their more obscure songs, 'Punk Ass Bitch' for the theme but Warner Brothers instead used it as the end credits and used an instrumental track for the theme.

I tried to find a sample of the end credits for you online somewhere but couldn't. If you really want to hear this song you will have to check your local listings or travel to your local video store. Sorry.

Tune in next week for a theme song written by U2's The Edge!


coolshades said...

Why Jackie Chan? I don't know...he seems like the type of guy who'd end up with his own cartoon. lol

I'm already looking forward to next week's song...Go Edge!!! :D

toast said...

I just think that this show could have been a great without any association with Jackie. Unlike Jackson 5ive, Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos and Mister T where the only reason the show is good is because of their silly characteristics.

jackie Chan Adventures actually had good stories.

J said...

Check out this fanart from Jason Chan.

toast said...

Wow. Nice stuff.

Hey J, are you gonna draw a Mickey Mouse for me?

Pablo said...


Btw, check the link. Its broken.

Here is the new one:

This one is made also by "sensei" Jim Latham, explaining why the theme is so friggin good. I always liked this show. Colorful, funny, not so unbelievable and very artsy.

A nice addition ^^

toast said...

Thanks pablo. Should be fixed now.

K_Ford said...

The show wouldn't have been nearly as good had it had been based on someone other than Jackie Chan.

The show captured the humor and character of Jackie Chan. Things like when Jackie punches a guy and holds his fist afterwards because it hurt, thats what the real JC does in his movie. A lot of the cool stunts or fights in the show were taken from his older movies.

And to top it off, he appeared at the end of each episode and answered a fan question. I mean, good animation and cool stories made it good, but Jackie Chan made it successful and popular.

Agent_grey said...

I liked the show, and better Jackie Chan get a show than someone like Ashley and Mary-kate right? Right?