Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Back in 2004, a Netherlands illustrator started a webpage called Everybody Needs To Draw Mickey Once. Artists are encouraged to draw their own version of Mickey and post it on this webpage for everyone to see. So far there are 200 drawings posted and more coming everyday! The one below was drawn by Pieter Hogenbirk.

I want to encourage all you illustrators who read my blog to draw something and submit it. Even if you think you can't draw you should do something.

If you deside to post something let me know and I will feature it here on Animated Toast! I'll do something too. I'll post in the next couple of days.

Also, Don't forget about tonight's animation club meeting! Alan will share with us his favourite show from the 80s!


coolshades said...

Ok I just uploaded a mickey. It's just a pencil sketch...not as fancy as all the cool computer-drawn ones. But I'm still old-fashioned when it comes to drawing. haha

toast said...

Can you post a link? I tried to find it but there were just too many Mickey's.

coolshades said...
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coolshades said...

Ok let's try this again...apparently this thing cuts off extraordinarily long links...

Your best bet is to check the "latest five mickeys" at the bottom of the page...that appears to be where the new ones are. Looks like they haven't yet posted mine. Here's the link I used to upload it, though...just in case they *never* post it. LOL


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