Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Last year, Marvel Entertainment and Lions Gate Entertainment teamed up to produce the first ever animated feature length Marvel movie, Ultimate Avengers: The Movie. It was the story of seven very different heroes who were recruited by the US Government to stop and alien invasion.

Capitan America, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Giant Man, Wasp and the Black Widow were all brought together by Nick Fury to save the world, but they had to overcome their differences first. This movie was based on the popular Avengers revamp from a few years back called the Ultimates. With solid writing and strong animation, this direct-to-DVD release was a hit with comicbook geeks everywhere.

Well guess what! The aliens are back for round two and Nick Fury is calling on his team once again to save the world. This time, the aliens seem to have an interest in the African land of Wakanda! Will the Black Panther be able to save his land or will he have to bite his lip and call for extra fire power?

This sequel delivers the same strong animation as the last release. I am so glad to see that every bit of effort is being put into this to produce quality work. It is some of the strongest animation that Marvel characters has seen yet (next to X-Men: Evolution). The characters are on model and the action sequences rich and exciting.

The story is not as strong as in the last one. This film, not being based on any previous comic storyline, takes liberties with the characters and their history. This may bother the fanboys but if you see this as a new telling of classic characters, like the Ultimate franchise, then you should be fine. While I do like the story of the Black Panther, the Avengers seem out of place in Wakanda and the aliens seem especially out of place. Maybe is it because we are so used to seeing alien invasions in big cities that it just seems weird in the jungles of Wakanda.

Marvel's live actions features, like Spider-Man and X-Men, have been so successful because they play up the reality. They focus on the human aspects and therefore the super powers, outlandish costumes and wild plots seem believable. But animation is perfect for comicbooks because we are already expecting to see colourful characters and weird monsters. We are expecting to see the unbelievable and are more willing to accept it because it is animated.

Because of the success of the Ultimate Avengers DVD, Marvel Animated Features and Lions Gate Entertainment plan to release more direct-to-DVD features. The next two features are previewed as special features on Ultimate Avengers 2. They will be Doctor Strange and Iron Man. They don't give you much information but you do get a sneak peek at the animation and it looks just as strong as the their other efforts. I can't wait to see them.

Here are a few screen caps. The first two are from Doctor Strange and the last two are from Iron Man. Click the images to see large versions.


Katie said...

So it's kind of scary how I'm on the same wave-length as you... I was typing in the address for your blog, and right after I hit enter I got an email telling me there was an update. Crazy!

I'd like to see that Avengers movie just for the animation. The bottom screen shot of Iron Man looks friggin sweet, so I'd like to see what they've done thus far.

Chip Chief said...

This film was not as good as part 1, but there was plenty about it t o like. What I am really excited about is that Doc Strange movie!

Anyhow, this is a fantastic site. I shall be back often.

toast said...

Hey thanks! Your's is great too. I'm gonna link it.

Chip Chief said...

Nice, I have added a link as well. So, any idea if there will be an Ultimate Avengers 3? Maybe with Hawkeye?

toast said...
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toast said...

As much as I would love to see Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Falcon and all the other Avengers, I really hope that Marvel sticks to this team and only this team (well, maybe Hawkeye can replace Giant Man).

There are nine main characters in this series. Television shows have a hard enough time developing five characters and we're only getting one movie a year (if they keep up their current pace)! Let's stick to the current team and really get into their lives.

(Guest spots, like Black Panther and cameos are okay though!)

Chip Chief said...

good point, there are already enough members. its just that i am more familiar with the justice league, and would enjoy seeing more of guys like vision (is he a red faced android?). ultimate avengers is basically all i know of giant man, wasp, or black panther, and i enjoyed seeing them in action.

Chip Chief said...

i just read that Teen Avengers is going to be the 5th DTV. Do you know much about them?

toast said...

Actually the correct title is Young Avengers and it is a very popular book right now due to strong writing (The OC writer Allen Heinberg) and great artwork (Jim Cheung).

It follows the story of several teen heroes who have patterned their powers after a member from the original Avengers. It appears that they get together by accident and form a team but it is actually -- well, read the book. I don't want to spoil anything!

While they may seem just like lame copies of the originals these characters are very different. It's a great book and if this is the new DTV then I will be looking forward to it.

My only concern is that they are doing this because these heroes are the flavour of the week. I'd rather see Marvel do a Spider-Man or Fantastic Four before focusing their efforts on a team that may not be seen five years from now.

Check this out for more details about the Young Avengers. *Spoilers*

I can't find anything about a Young/Teen Avengers DTV. Are you sure you didn't read about the Teen Titans DTV? Can you send me a link?

Also, I think Marvel should drop the 'Ultimate' title if they are planning to have all their movies follow the same continuity. Or call them all 'Ultimate'

Chip Chief said...

Marvel studios gave an overview presentation today.

On page 34, there is listed "Teen Avengers," I was a bit surprised too that it wasnt called Young Avengers. It made me wonder ifr it wasnt just a Avengers as young people rather than a different team. I guess we will have to wait to see.

toast said...

Wow. I don't think the general public is supposed to see that. All those numbers....

Yeah, Teen Avengers. I'm gonna have to gete more information before I decide whether it's a good idea or not.

I'm gonna blog about it.

HULK said...

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