Monday, August 28, 2006


I am posting some previews for three new superhero shows coming out this fall and one that was canned.

The Fantastic Four:

This show starts this week! And I don't get Cartoon Network! Can someone tape it for me?! See my other post for more information about this show.

Superman and the Legion of Superheroes:

This DC show features a young Superman who is taken to the 30th century by other teen superheroes. The original comic book from the 70s was called Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes but the license for Superboy is in a legal battle right now so the WB is calling him Superman.

*Also check out this clip taken from the San Diego Comicon. The recording is not that great and the sound is terrible but you do get a good glimpse of some superhero action!

Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms:

This show is not based off of the Hellboy movie from a few years back but rather the original Dark Horse comic. The style of this show tries to stay true to the style of Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. IDT Entertainment is creating two 74-minute features that will air on Cartoon Network and then will be sent to DVD in 2007.

Plastic Man:

Plastic Man had a show back in the 70s called The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Hour but his character hasn't seen the light of day on television since! Warner Brothers produced this new Plastic Man series but Cartoon Network didn't pick it up so all that exists is this pilot. Check it out!

*UPDATE* The site that was hosting this video removed it yesterday hours after I posted it here. I can only assume that they were contacted by Warner Brothers. Oh well.

But you can see some Plastic Man sketches by the storyboard artist for the pilot, Stephen DeStefano.


Chip Chief said...

you know, that fantastic four may turn out ok. i like the animation style and that clip has made me hopeful. on the other hand, the legion show may be a disaster and the clip didnt help my opinion at all. i just wish they would have kept JLU around.

Katie said...

Well I think out of all of them Hellboy looks the best. The character designs are awesome and the animation is way better than whatever that was in the Superman one. Man that was terrible. The quality of the video on the Fantastic 4 one was too low for me to really get a feel for look/animation. But it'll probably do well.

toast said...

Hellboy does look cool. And I'm glad to see that the cast from the movie is doing the voices for these productions too.

FF looks super good. I love the designs. Katie, your folks have tivo don't they? Can they maybe, sorta, you know, tape it for me?

The Plastic Man was quite good too. I am disappointed that it wasn't picked up.

I don't think that Legion will be a disaster. I think that it doesn't have the same draw as Justice League because these are lesser known characters compared to Wonder Woman and Batman. But if they handle it right it will be great. Teen Titans was good and I think they are gonna give it a similar treatment.

coolshades said...

For some reason, the Plastic Man clip is showing as unavailable for me... :S

Hellboy looks pretty good...

I couldn't tell...but are the Fantastic Four characters modeled after the actors in the live-action film?