Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Thanks again to all of you who came out to last night's Animation Night. Alan presented a few of the popular shows from the 80's complete with classic 80s commercials!

Here is what we watched:

Super Mario Bros Super Show - Mario and the Red Baron Koopa
Jem and the Holograms - A Change of Heart
Dungeons and Dragons - In Search of the Dungeon Master

The Super Mario Brothers Super Show aired in 1989 and featured a live action Mario and Luigi who would have adventures in their apartment. They would be visited by a special guest in almost every episode, everyone from Cher to Inspector Gadget to Moon Zappa.

Each episode would feature a Super Mario Brothers Cartoon that was based on the first two video games. On Fridays, the Super Mario Brothers cartoon was replaced with The Legend of Zelda.

Jem and the Holograms was produced by Marvel Productions and followed the adventures of the fictional hit rock group the Holograms which was led by singer, Jem as they toured and fought for the #1 single against their rivals the Misfits.

Each episode featured a 'music video' from each band that was worked into the story. This show was extremely popular with girls as most of the marketing was pink and Barbie.

The first season aired in 1985 and the show lasted for a three seasons.

Dungeons and Dragons was one of the top shows in 1983. It followed the adventures of a group of kids as they went on a rollercoaster ride and ended up in another dimention! Each of the kids was given a 'class' and together they fought monsters and demons.

The series was a hit with kids as Dungeons and Dragons was in the height of its popularity. But 'family groups' that beleived the game was filed with Satanic influence fought hard to bring the show down. They eventually won and the third season was cancelled after only 6 episodes.

This show surprised me. I had never seen it before and was expecting the same sort of quality as Jem and Mario. But the animation was quite a bit better and it dealt with more mature themes. The entire series is coming to DVD in Novemeber. I think I'll pick it up.


Katie said...

Yeah, I really liked the animation in D&D. Of course, maybe it just looked good because of what we were watching right before it. Who knows. There were a couple character designs I thought were really cute.

coolshades said...

I think I vaguely remember watching the Mario Bros. cartoon when I was younger.

I didn't know D&D was ever a cartoon...but my family was one of the ones that thought the game had Satanic influences, so I probably wouldn't have watched it, anyway :P

Katie said...

Yeah, I had no idea it was a show until last night. I think I had that same family, coolshades!

A/T said...

I *HATED* D&D. With all of my heart.

Jem, though... Man, I was such a jemmie. I had a costume party just like a month ago and dressed up like one of the Holograms (Kimber, in case you're wondering).

What about She-Ra? I mean, everyone remembers He-Man, but he was a dork compared to She-Ra's awesomeness.

toast said...

No WAY! He-Man ruled! You don't know what you're talking about!