Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Today I have the job of watching the voice recordings from the past couple of weeks and breaking them down into scenes so the animators have a visual reference for when they animate the characters.

The two actors they have cast so far are hilarious! I'm not sure if I am allowed to say who they are yet, but they work together on a Saturday night skit show. One is afraid of reptiles on aircraft and the other doesn't like doing much on Sundays!

These two actors are funny and are bringing a lot of character to their characters! One in particular is ad-libing like crazy and it is hilarious! Space Chimps is due out in 2008! It's gonna be great!


coolshades said...

Dang it...now I wish I kept up more with the sketch comedy shows...maybe I could have figured out who they are. lol

Chip Chief said...

is seann william scott one of them? i love monkeys, looks like a fun film.

toast said...

No, dispite what imdb.com says, Seann Willian Scott is not in this movie.

Katie said...

I can't wait to see this movie. It's been fun getting some inside stuff from you over the past few months. I hope you keep us updated.

(I know who the voice actors are... but you'll have to buy me a cookie before I'll tell...)

coolshades said...

Is Chocolate chip OK? :P