Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Here is a short list of phrases that people have used to google my blog.

I want to thank the makers of the Transformers movie because most of my hits of late have been people doing searches for my various stories!

There have been many searches that have brought me a chuckle and i want to share them with you. All spelling and grammar has been unedited.

  • I have no idea what these people were searching for:
  • nbc and lymphoma and hamburger and 1996
  • marine biologist
  • anim,ated cartoon alien lives with professor in woods changes into dog
  • contextual references artist clocks used as a theme
  • haapy fris daay
  • movie a 'quirky american talk show host' underwater animated film

  • I know what they are searching for but don't they know how to use google:
  • i want to see spider man posters
  • cartoon network's upcoming transformers animated will be set in which city?
  • on the little mermaid what is sebastien ?

  • If you are one of these people then please explain yourselves!

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    trilby said...

    funnily enough, i just stumbled across this blog when i googled the words 'animated toast'. i had never heard of this site, i was actually looking for an animated series about a piece of toast that falls behind the microwave in a kitchen and goes all radioactive and green and becomes alive, and goes around at night-time having various escapades like setting a frozen turkey free from a freezer and letting it fly (headless) around the room. alas i have found no references to this series anywhere and fear it may be a figment of my imagination/ a dream that has been accidentally stored as a memory in my brain. still, i am consoled to have found this site, i love cartoons & animation. once i won a 50euro bet and all i had to do was name 150 different cartoons in 30 minutes. easy money! but sad to say, not one of my peers could have done it. and i got slagged for being able to do it :) so i'm glad to be here, looking forward to visiting often