Friday, May 04, 2007


The Completely Crazy Cartoon Character Challenge is back with #15! I tried to make this a hard one so do your best! Leave me a comment if you know who it is and I will reveal the answer on Monday!

UPDATE: This week's winner is coolb who correctly identified this character as Gandra Dee from DuckTales!

Coolb is outta control! Is there no one who can stop this cartoon know-it-all?

Da Points:

athena: 1
coolb: 6
coolshades: 1
eagle-man: 3
katie: 1
starlac: 3


CoolB said...

That's Gandra Dee from Ducktales

A.Lee said...

Yep, CoolB is absolutely correct.

Kurtis! After all these years...i NEVER knew Alan was your middle name!?!?!? That's cool :)
But not as cool as having a wedding reception on the opening weekend as Spider-Man 3! SWEET! Belated Congratulations to Katie & Kurtis! See U2 tmrw!

coolshades said...

coolb's too quick! Even if I know the answer, I can't get to it in time! lol