Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Shrek grimaces at his new movie.
If you want to see some of the worst animation ever, check out this promo for the Shrek babies that made their big screen debut in Shrek the Third.

Speaking of Shrek the Third, the second sequel to the popular Shrek franchise hit it big on opening weekend. $121,629,270 and the highest opening weekend for an animated film! Wow!

I can't say that I am a fan of these Shrek movies. I enjoyed the first one because it was new and fresh. I liked the parody and the characters, but now I am disgusted with the fan-base and marketing strategies.

Dreamworks seems to be marketing this movie to kids, which is very understandable: It is an animated film with cute characters and fart jokes. But the writers of this movie have filled the second film so much with Hollywood in-jokes that I find it hard to believe that children had a good time at all. Scenes are segued to the extreme in order to fit the most irrelevant movie parody thus distracting from the story.

I found Shrek 2 very hard to watch and, while I plan on watching Shrek the Third, I will wait until I can rent it.

Not Disney Princess!

But enough is enough. Dreamworks should let this franchise rest before they milk it dead. They have got three blockbuster movies and should stop while they are on top. Will they? Of course not. A fourth film is already in to works as well as a Puss-In-Boots spin-off and a Shrek holiday special for tv.

I really wish they would focus more on the rest of their animated library. I felt that Over the Hedge, a fantastic film, didn't get the publicity that it should have.

On the other hand, the upcoming Bee Movie has had some great marketing. The live-action trailers were great teasers and now I read that Jerry Sienfeld launched himself across a zipline in his bee costume overtop the Bee Movie premiere at the Cannes Film Festival! Great stuff! This is what Dreamworks should be doing!


Eagle-Man said...

Man! That baby can't even Cabbage Patch right! I hope I never see them at a Snowflake Day Festival!

coolshades said...

It's nice to see someone else who feels the same way about Shrek that I do. It bugs me the way it's marketed to children, yet children don't understand half the jokes, and it's rather crude. It's a very "adult" film franchise that pretends to be a trio of kiddie films.

I didn't even bother with the second one, and I nearly walked out of the first one.