Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The advertising campaign for Dreamworks' upcoming animated feature has been a fairly clever one. Bee Movie, slated for release November 2, stars Jerry Seinfeld as a bee who files a class action lawsuit against humans after he finds out they've been selling the bees' huney. Even though this is an animated movie, the teaser trailers have been live action.

The premise: Jerry Seinfeld has been casted in a movie about insects. He plays a bee in a giant 'mascot' costume. But filming this movie is not an easy job.

If you thought that one was funny then you'll love this one! This new trailer actually shows some animation and proves that these trailers have a point. For a high quality version click here.

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coolshades said...

Ahhh so *that's* what this movie is about! I saw the trailer on Comcast On Demand, and was completely confused by it. lol

An animated movie about a lawsuit...Sounds right up my alley...