Saturday, February 17, 2007


Welcome to another week of the CCCCC! Do you know who this cartoon character is? Then leave a commetn with a guess! I'll reveal the answer on Monday!

Do your research! I want this character's real name!

UPDATE: This week's winner is starlac who corectly identified this cartoon character as Rainer Wolfcastle (McBain) from the Simpsons! Thanks for playing and see you next week!

Da Points:

athena: 1
coolb: 1
coolshades: 1
eagle-man: 3
starlac: 1


starlac said...

It's Rainer Wolfcastle from the Simpsons, better known (in which he appears) as the "fictional" action-film character McBain.

Katie said...

Y'know what? That was like, annoyingly hard. Because I knew who it was but I was completely blanking on his name. Which I think was what Kurtis was going for :P

coolshades said...

Wait...we're allowed to research the answers?? Well heck, I didnt know that. I'll remember that for the next one...