Monday, July 31, 2006


Over the weekend I drew some pictures while watching tv. They are all done in pencil on 8.5'x10' paper.

The first is Gir and his classic 'explode from inside the turkey' bit. The second is the Little Prince from the show of the same name. Here he is riding a comet to another world for crazy adventures.

I've also included some older pics of Hank and the crew from King of the Hill and Marsupilami.

Invader Zim

The Little Prince

King of the Hill



coolshades said...

Marsupilami! Dang...I'd completely forgotten about him. He's cool...

You're a good artist, toast...have you ever created any of your own cartoon characters?

toast said...

Yes, I had a few I drew during high school. (One of myself too)

Maybe I will post some of those pics in the future.

(Thanks for your comments!)

Eli said...

Got the new addy. I'll keep checking out the blog. I just bought COPS, a cartoon from about 1988 that I always liked as a kid. The drawings are awesome--I suggest you look into concept art for feature films.

Katie said...

"And I'd like to thank my girlfriend for being late to school 'cause she was scanning those in." -Kurtis

Aw, you're so sweet... it was my pleasure!

Seriously though, I like this blog way better. It's gonna rock the net.

coolshades said...

Wait wait made Katie late for class?? not cool...shame on you.... :P

Cartoon of yourself, huh? You know those dudes who sit outside tourist attractions and draw caricatures of people that they can purchase? Can you do that kind of stuff? Those folks are pretty dang talented, imo...

(Sorry for all the questions, btw...haha)

toast said...

Yeah, I'm not as good as any of those guy you see on the street or in Stanley Park. I have a very simplistic style and my cartoon of myself has been perfected over, like, ten years.

Katie didn't have to be late for school. Getting those scans for me and making herself late for school in the process was her own fault. (She's awesome like that!)

coolshades said...

Well that's devotion right there...I think she's a keeper :P

10 years on one cartoon?? Dang...I'd have given up after one day if it had been me. haha

toast said...

No no. Ten years on one cartoon character of which I made many cartoons. You know what? I'll post a few drawings of my cartoon alter-ego through the years so you can see the progression.

coolshades said...

Ohhhh I gotcha...the character has evolved over time. Makes perfect sense now. I'm a dork. lol

*waits to see the pics of toast's alter-ego*

Stagenoise said...

Word. This is Adam. I don't have one of those nifty picture like things yet.