Monday, November 13, 2006


A second teaser trailer for the Simpsons Movie debuted during yesterday's episode of the Simpsons. I find it a little funny that they are putting the emphasis on its traditional 2D animation but most of the backgrounds and props seem to be computer generated but use Toon shading to give it a '2D look'. It still looks nice.

There are three types of Simpsons fans: The loyal fans who have been fans for years and will always be fans. They will see this movie; The fans who have given up on the show after season seven who will not see this movie; The fans who have given up on the show after season seven who will see this movie only to complain to everyone about how much it sucked. Don't be in that last group. If you don't like the Simpsons anymore than just keep it to yourself. I'm still a fan and have enjoyed the direction to the show has gone.

And in other news, a new trailer for Spider-Man 3 is out and it looks amazing! This will be the highlight movie of next year in my books! (This is animated news because most of the characters will be animated during fight scenes, I'm sure.)

It seems they are changing the plot regarding Uncle Ben's death in order to give Sandman some relevance. I'm afraid that this movie is trying to take on more than it can chew. Spider-Man will battle Sandman, Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin and an alien costume that will try to take over his mind and body! Not to mention that Peter will ask MJ to marry him and there will be some issues regarding the arrival of Gwen Stacy!! Too much! Either this movie is gonna be really long or it will end up like Batman & Robin or X3: The Last Stand; too many characters and plots for people to care about. I will still be there opening night to support my favourite superhero.


Jason said...

You forgot a fourth group:

The fans who think the show has gone downhill since the 8th season, but still enjoy it because it's still better than most of the shows currently on the air, and will see the movie because it looks decent and hope that because a lot of the original writers are back, it will be awesome.

Eric said...

The Simpsons Movie is finally being made? Sweet. I just hope they don't pull a Family Guy and chop it into episodes for the next season.

PS: Check this out: It's about Sesame Street.