Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Harmless? Hardly.
Felix the Cat Productions is suing the manufacturer of the famous Kit-Cat Klock stating it is a "blatant knockoff" violating 100 copyrights registered in the last century.

Felix the Cat is the world's first cartoon star having appeared in hundreds of theatrical films since 1919 as well as a few tv shows, a comic strip and a comic book, and every single piece of merchandise you can think of!

The California Clock Co. made the clock back in 1930, a decade after the first appearance of Felix. The clock was used as a gimmick to bring a smile to peoples faces during the depression. The eyes that follow you around the room and wagging tail became a household name and recently, because of the internet, has seen new life in this generation.

Would these eyes lie to you?
But now the two companies are going to court because the California Clock Co. has been advertising their clock as the Felix Clock on their webpage since 2004. Felix Productions is also going after retailers like Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com because they sell the item.

This was stupid on Kit-Cat for infringing on the copyright (even though everyone thinks of Felix when they see this clock), but why is Felix going after them three years after Kit-Cat used Felix's name on the webpage? And why are they going after all those retailers? They are victims of circumstance! Felix should think about making some new Felix cartoons if they want more money instead of sueing everyone like this!

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coolshades said...

I don't think of Felix when I see those clocks...I think: There's a Kit-Cat clock. :P

But anyway...all the clock company has to do is agree to stop calling it the Felix clock and just go back to calling it the Kit-Cat clock. It's not like people are going to get confused. But I do think it's silly for those people to go after all the clock retailers. Like you said, they just want money.