Friday, March 23, 2007


Here is this week's challenge. Are you up for it? Do you know this character? Then leave me a comment with your guess and I will reveal the answer on Monday!

UPDATE: This week's winner is starlac who correctly identified this character as Hopopotamus from Disney's The Wuzzles! Starlac is tied for first! Keep it up! I'll see you next week!

Da Points:

athena: 1
coolb: 3
coolshades: 1
eagle-man: 3
katie: 1
starlac: 3


starlac said...

That’ll be Hopopotamus, or just Hopo for short, one of the central characters from Disney’s short-lived 'The Wuzzles' series.

coolshades said...

Dag nab it...I knew this one...but starlac beat me to it. *sob*

starlac said...

Sorry coolshades (smiles awkwardly). Since I've answered two in a row I'll let next week slide, giving someone else a chance. Least until Monday, bearing if I even know the character.

toast said...

Good luck to both of you next week! Thanks for playing!