Monday, June 11, 2007


Looking to the future
Hello everyone!

It's been over a week! Where have I been? Well, I got a week off work so I decided to take a week of everything and make it a real vacation.

There will be a few changes to Animated Toast over the next little while. The main change is that I have been invited to be a contributing writer to Animated-Views. I'm not sure how that will affect this page. I may shut it down or it may be radically changed. We'll see.

The other change will be to the Cartoon Character Challenge. It has been over a week and no one has guess the answer to the June 1st Challenge! I have decided that I am not gonna tell you the answer! I am going to still post a new Challenge every Friday but the old,un-guessed Challenge will still be there and worth an extra point for every consecutive week that it remains un-guessed. So keep trying!

I hope that all of you enjoy your time here and I would love to hear your input!

Stay frosty!


coolshades said...

I vote for *not* shutting it down. But that's just me :P

starlac said...

I'd like to see this blog carry on, in whatever form, so to me radically changed sounds better thn shut it down. Good luck with writing for Animated-Views anyway.