Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Transformers Soundtrack
With the Transformers movie just around the corner I thought it would be fun to post a bunch of the various verisions of the theme song the I have found.

The Transformers theme song is one of the most recognizable cartoon themes. If you ask a random person on the street most likely they would be able to sing a line or two.

The other day I was picking up some kids from their school and one kid saw the Autobots pin I wear on my jacket. He asked me if I liked the show. I said yes and then he asked me if I knew the song. I said I did and I started singing. "Transformers! Robots in disguise!"

"That's not how it goes!" he shouted at me! "It goes, Transformers ENERGON! Robots in Disguise!" I felt so old.

Here are three versions of the theme song from the three seasons of the generation one show.

  • Transformers - Season One
  • Transformers - Season Two
  • Transformers - Season Three

    If you are a fan of Transformers: the Movie you should know this one. It is by 80's metal band Lion and it was recorded for the film.

  • Transformers - Lion

    This one is a cover of the Lion version of the theme by a band called Black Lab. www.myspace.com/blacklabband

  • Transformers - Black Lab UPDATE: I got in trouble for posting this mp3 so I have taken it down. You can hear it on their myspace page if you want to hear it.

    All the fans were wondering if a new recording of the theme would be made for the new film. Fans were overjoyed when this song was leaked onto the net a few months ago. But their smiles turned to frowns when they heard the new verision by Deceptibot.

  • Transformers - Deceptibot

    It was later revealed that this song was a big joke and now the real theme has been revealed and it by a band called Mute Math. Check out their site: www.myspace.com/mutemath

  • Transformers - Mute Math

    I like this version by Mute Math and am excited to hear it in the movie! Can't wait until July 7!


    Anonymous said...

    Black lab was good until they started talking. Sorry, but keep the nickelback wannabe-ness out of optimus prime. But hell, at least it wasn't as bad as the rest, got progressively worse until the "new" theme! Lion apparently knows how to do it better than anyone, even if it has been 20 years.

    Eagle-Man said...

    Actually, I believe that the Deceptibot version came out before the Black Lab version. Black Lab posted their video on YouTube on June 12, and the Deceptibot version was first reported on June 7.

    Also, I read somewhere (can't remember) that Black Lab recorded this as a response to Deceptibot's song because they didn't think it was very good or fitting for the show (they're hardcore fans).

    And I agree that Lion knows how to do it better than anynone!

    starlac said...

    Well the last one was the better one of those new ones and if that's the one they - the makers - are going with, then I can live with that.

    At least all of those versions didn't have the word ENERGON badly inserted like that variant of the franchise that kid watches does. :P

    Me, I'm presently waiting for my boxsets of season 1 and 3/4 of G1 Transformers to arrive - and yes I know it taken me a while, what can you do?