Friday, June 01, 2007


Welcome to June everyone and welcome to the twentieth edition of the Completely Crazy Cartoon Character Challenge!

Leave me a comment if you know who this is. Please state the name and where this character has appeared. I'll let you know who wins on Monday!

UPDATE: It took two weeks to find a winner but it finally happened! Ben correctly identified this character as Edward, Wendy's husband and Jane's father from Peter Pan: Return to Neverland!

Great job, Ben! You get two points for this one! Good to have you on board!

Da Points:

athena: 1
ben: 2
coolb: 6
coolshades: 1
eagle-man: 4
katie: 1
starlac: 5


Eagle-Man said...

The style really look like the Marvel Productions/LGF animated features, but the only army guy iI could think of is Bucky, and that guy's too old.

Ben said...

Hi, Ben here from Animated Views. This is Wendy's husband (Jane and Danny's Dad) Edward, from the 2002 sequel, "Peter Pan: Return To Never-Land". If only I'd checked in here a week ago...! :o)